Check out Pangasinan Tourism’s Feature on Our Farm Republic!

We’re so excited and honored to be featured by the Pangasinan Tourism Office on their FB page!  We’re thrilled to see the lovely photos they took — look at some of them here:

(All photos by Pangasinan Tourism.)

Click on the link to view the full feature:


They come from far and wide

Last Saturday Our Farm Republic welcomed lakabayeros from Villasis, Pangasinan; Hagonoy Bulacan; and Tarlac, who are farming enthusiasts very eager to set up their own organic farms.

We are so honored and proud that you have chosen to benchmark with us. We are more than happy to share our experences in operating a integrated diversified farm. Looking forward to hearing your own farm stories soon!

Mother’s Day Sundate

We were delighted to welcome visitors all the way from Quezon City who spent Mother’s Day at the farm sowing seeds using a soilless medium, learning the fundamentals of organic agriculture, and preparing DIY natural farming concoctions. Hurray to future urban organic agriculture gardeners! Let’s spread the joy of practicing organic agriculture everywhere!

Training on Duck Production and Egg Processing at OFR

Last April 9 to 13, we welcomed trainees for the Agricultural Training Institute’s Training on Duck Production and Egg Processing to Our Farm Republic.

Everyone had a blast learning by listening to lectures and doing hands-on training. Participants weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to produce salted duck eggs. What can we say? The fruits of our labor surely taste the sweetest (or in this case, the saltiest)!

(The following photos were taken by Sheila Sipisip.)

Leala’s Loot

My niece Leala was over for a visit during Holy Week and I couldn’t be happier!

Leala’s loot from our morning stroll at the farm – passion fruit, maroon makopa, kaomito, mulberries, kamias, kasuy, bell peppers, lemons, calabash, cacao, squash, and a duck egg.

Delighted to have one of my favorite visitors this weekend at OFR. Nakakawala ng pagod when kids show their appreciation to organic farming.

Leala had been coming to and enjoying herself at the farm ever since she was little. Little kulit bulilit may no longer be little, but is still very much inquisitive, asking tons of questions.

And guys I am still so happy to say that she still wants to be an ORGANIC Farmer!

ATI Deputy Director Visits OFR

Thank you, Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Deputy Director Alfredo S. Aton for finding time to visit learning sites such as ours in Region 1. We are happy to tell you that we are indeed doing well under the leadership of our ATI RTC 1 Center Director Roger Evangelista.

We too would like to be seen as a positive force that would help uplift the lives of our fellow farmers. We aim not just to teach new technologies or best practices, but also to inspire and let people know that they too can dream big and if they persevere they definitely can turn their dreams into reality.