It’s Kamatis Season!

So we made soup using our cherry and table tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Best with crackers, toast, or your favorite toasted sandwich. Mangantila!

How Do We Stay Covid-Free?

While others say PM is the key, for us PRAYER is Key.

And a healthy dose of natural medicine never hurt anybody — some crushed garlic with wild honey…

Harvesting and loading up on vitamin C – lemons and calamansi…

Popping ginger as candy…

Our daily routine involves basking in the sun…

Eating lots of organic gulay that are aplenty… some malunggay a day keeps the doctor away.

..And yes, we try to maintain a happy disposition and always, always find things to be GRATEFUL for.

Be Brave!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.”

A Plant A Day Keeps Hunger at Bay

Our Lola used to tell us, “If you love to eat, you must learn how to cook.” So we did.

In these tough times, maybe we should take things a bit further, “If you don’t start planting your own food, you don’t eat.”

If you can’t do anything outside because of the quarantine and have some fresh vegetables and fruits, you can start collecting seeds when preparing your meals. Some seeds need to be dried before it can be planted. Others are fine fresh from the fruit/vegetable. We encourage you to learn about which is which, and also how to store seeds you collect so that when you can, you’ll be able to start your own little garden. Happy planting!



We’re Nuts About Cashew at Our Farm Republic!

It’s cashew season and we’re so excited! We love roasting the nuts and we also love eating the fruit itself.

Today we tried turning the fruit into a beverage and look what we’ve come up with–cashew milk tea from a Dominican Republic recipe we found online. Making it was really simple and the ingredients are pantry staples. The best part? It’s super refreshing especially in this very hot weather!

Cheers to a healthier, eco-friendlier lifestyle. We will get through this crisis, dear FRIENDS.  Have Faith!

We’re Keeping Busy During Quarantine

So the situation in our country and elsewhere is getting bleaker as the days pass. So many victims, so much uncertainty, so much fear. At Our Farm Republic, though we’ve closed our gates to the public in the meantime, we remain operational and our in-house staff are working hard and keeping busy. We’ve decided to do this because they asked us not to suspend work–they have nowhere to go and their families back home need the money they send them every week.

Months ago, we sowed seeds, planted cuttings, not knowing that this season’s harvest would be particularly important, and special.

In these dark times, food security is one of the topmost priority, and we are extremely blessed to have that. Our hearts go out to those who are sick, those who have succumbed to this disease, to those who are tirelessly fighting to keep us safe.

Let us continue to pray, and have faith. We have a magnificent God.

At Our Farm Republic, We Use a Wood-Fired Stove

Crisis or not this is what we are doing at the farm, thanks to my Pangasinense-Ilokano mom!

We are prunning, trimming our trees, chopping, collecting them, and storing the chopped wood/ twigs, which we will use in our wood-fired stoves. No gas stoves, no buying of LPG since 2010. The ash from the burnt wood are used in our garden, so there is literally no waste.


We’re Finally Harvesting Black Pepper at Our Farm Republic

Several months ago, we almost got rid of the two pepper seedlings we planted beside our pomelo tree. The pepper plant was climbing around the trunk of the pomelo tree and we were worried the pomelo would be suffocated eventually and in vain because the pepper refused to produce any combs.

We may have talked sternly to it at some point, threatening its demise and probably scared the plant to death it managed to sprout fruit the very next day! Don’t they say plants have feelings too, and this may be one proof of it!

Today we’ve harvested several combs and we couldn’t be happier!

COVID-19 Crisis Highlights Urgent Need for Urban Community Gardens

We’ve been saying this for years–urban spaces need to set aside areas for community gardens. This ongoing crisis just highlights how important having local food sources is, especially in times like these. Being food secure lessens people’s panic and anxiety over an uncertain future. Food is a basic need after all. And now, more than ever, people need fresh, healthy, sustainable food to boost their immunity and improve their health.

In Our Farm Republic, one of the presentations we usually deliver is about container gardening, in the hope that other people will be encouraged to plant their own vegetables and fruits in their own homes using recycled and easily available materials.

We hope that when all of this is over, local authorities in urban areas would include a plan for establishing community gardens in their respective areas of jurisdiction. We never know when the next crisis will hit, so it’s best that we’re ready.