Jewel Bug Spotted

We often see this jewel bug (Chrysocoris sp.) around our calamansi trees. This jewel bug belongs to the family Scutelleridae. The website Project Noah tells us more:

“Scutelleridae is a family of true bugs. They are commonly known as jewel bugs or metallic shield bugs due to their often brilliant coloration. They are also known as shield-backed bugs due to the enlargement of the last section of their thorax into a continuous shield over the abdomen and wings. This latter characteristic distinguishes them from most other families within Heteroptera, and may lead to misidentification as a beetle rather than a bug. These insects feed on plant juices from a variety of different species, including some commercial crops. Closely related to stink bugs, they may also produce an offensive odour when disturbed. There are around 450 species worldwide.”

Chef Boy Logro in Our Farm Republic

Last night we had a dream–we dreamt that Chef Boy Logro, Mr. Ping Ping Ping himself spent two days in Our Farm Republic shooting for his super-secret project. And then we woke up, and realized, we weren’t dreaming after all! We’re still star struck! The Kusina Master is truly the most humble, most fun, super kind and generous celebrity chef we’ve ever met. Thank you so much, Chef Boy Logro and your wonderful team for choosing Our Farm Republic as the location for your super secret project. Can’t wait to welcome you back and hear about your own farm down south! <3

Chef Boy and Direk Mareus learn basic vegetable production at Our Farm Republic.

Chef Boy Logro picks fresh flowers from our garden to use in one of his new dishes.

Two Chefs, One Photo. OFR Chef Marge meets Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro


SMART Holds Digital Farmers Program 101 at Our Farm Republic

We had some special guests yesterday at Our Farm Republic! SMART Philippines, in cooperation with the Agricultural Training Institute RTC1 and The Probe Foundation, held the Digital Farmers Program 101 seminar-workshop today for farmers and millennials from all over Pangasinan. We had tons of fun as we learned how to use the latest in video and mobile phone technology to tell stories that would promote our farms to the rest of the world through the wonders of social media.



STI-Dagupan Students Visit Our Farm Republic

We welcomed STI Tourism students from Dagupan City to Our Farm Republic today.

We loved hearing your giggles when you petted our pet piglets Siopao and Siomai. Glad you enjoyed learning about basic organic farming principles and practices and we’re extremely happy to know that you are all interested in pursuing sustainable farm tourism in your respective areas.

Indeed there is JOY in farming, and YES, visits are more FARMFUNtastic, FESTIVE, and FRUITful in Filipino farms! <3

Visit our mini-gallery to see how much fun they had in Our Farm Republic!



Laoag Was Here!

A couple of weeks ago, the local government of Laoag brought their  technicians and Rural Improvement Club to Our Farm Republic.

We’re delighted to know that you’ve enjoyed your short visit. Looking forward to hearing about how you’ve applied what you’ve learned from us in your own farms! Keep us posted <3

Look Ma, We’re on TV!

Our Farm Republic welcomed the crew from ABS-CBN North Luzon today. In the spotlight? Our Arroz Azul Valenciana!

Healthy, safe, good food are grown organically by farmers like us who love eating colorful meals that are also nutritious and delicious. After all, nothing beats farm-to-table dishes cooked with love and gusto. <3