Farming is All About Creativity and Innovation

Whoever said that farming is just about planting or merely raising animals?

We beg to disagree! Farming is all about being creative and inventive. At Our Farm Republic we’ve literally raised the bar (a little bit). Seen here is Manong Boyet (one of our skilled people here at the farm) operating the water gate canal (made from recycled iron sheets and steering wheel) designed by my Dad (who, by the way, is a retired civil engineer).

Farmers’ hands are not just for tilling the land or feeding livestock. We use our hands to create out of the box solutions that would make operations at the farm easier and manageable — FARMahusay!

We Are On the Map!!!

Quite literally!

We are soooooo super happy and ever grateful for being in the official tourism map of Pangasinan. We wish to thank the Department Of Tourism, specially DOT REGION 1, led by Director Martin S. Valera, and the amiable and hardworking group of the Pangasinan Tourism Office, headed by Ma’am Malu Amor Elduayan) for putting us on the list of must-see destinations in the region.

Maraming salamat po! And more than anything else, we also wish to express our deepest gratitude to our ATI-RTC 1 family, led by Director Rogelio Evangelista, for believing in us even way before the Tourism Bill was crafted and turned into Law.

Our thanks as well to the good Senator Cynthia Villar for having faith in farm tourism (kudos to your dependable staff).

This one is for all the Filipino farmers who continue to persevere, to all organic practitioners who relentlessly work to produce safe and good food. Let us all continue to dream big for the community and for our country.

Thank you, Lord Jesus! Seven years ago You gave us this magnificent vision. Today, You turned it into reality. All glory and honor are Yours!

We Baked Up a Storm

It was rainy, it was a holiday. Farming was off the menu, but cooking certainly wasn’t!

We did SLOW FOOD 🥘 with the kids and our friends. Baking pastries from scratch  🍌 and 🥕 raisin cupcakes, apple 🍎 and tuna pies, sausage rolls, and cassava and chocolate cakes.

Not a bad way to spend the day, don’t you think so?


Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Seminar for Good Taste

Our Farm Republic recently partnered with millennials! So happy to link with the Hospitality and Tourism Management students of the Urdaneta City University and host a one-day seminar dubbed “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Seminar for Good Taste.”

Kudos to the students, the faculty (led by Mary Rose Uy, HRM Program Head) and the organizers (innovative partners headed by Alejandro A. Vinluan III) for a job well done.

It’s amazing to know that you chose to learn about organic farming and the importance of safe food. Thank you for understanding our advocacy and helping us spread the word that to know your food, you must know its source.

Hope we (AsAPP-OA, 1-SIKAT, SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT) have ingrained nuggets of wisdom based on our experiences. May you continuously be inspired to support organic agriculture in your own ways.


Villar Sipag’s Training on Herbs & Spices Production and Processing

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach.” – William Blake

Last week, we had a lovely time when we attended the Training on Herbs and Spice Production and Processing sponsored by the Villar Sipag Foundation and ATI-RTC3 at the Tarlac State University. We learned so much and had tons of fun! Truly this is what learning by doing is all about!












Thank you, Villar Sipag Foundation and ATI-RTC3 for inviting us to learn about Herbs and Spices Production. We will re-echo our learnings to our fellow farmers.

Kudos to Team Senator Cynthia Villar: Atty R, Ruby, Mabel, Malen — you guys are the backbone of sipag and galing. May you never tire of helping people from all walks of life! Salamat din po, ATI-RTC3 Director Esguerra for always being so accommodating.

[Some photos courtesy of our good friend Fern Viola! <3]