We’re Keeping Busy During Quarantine

So the situation in our country and elsewhere is getting bleaker as the days pass. So many victims, so much uncertainty, so much fear. At Our Farm Republic, though we’ve closed our gates to the public in the meantime, we remain operational and our in-house staff are working hard and keeping busy. We’ve decided to do this because they asked us not to suspend work–they have nowhere to go and their families back home need the money they send them every week.

Months ago, we sowed seeds, planted cuttings, not knowing that this season’s harvest would be particularly important, and special.

In these dark times, food security is one of the topmost priority, and we are extremely blessed to have that. Our hearts go out to those who are sick, those who have succumbed to this disease, to those who are tirelessly fighting to keep us safe.

Let us continue to pray, and have faith. We have a magnificent God.

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